Citius Software Private Limited
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Welcome to Citius

Citius is an IT Solutions and Software Development company providing custom technology solutions worldwide.

The field of Information Technology is rapidly advancing, and new breakthroughs are constantly discovered. Our clients rely on us to help them leverage cutting edge technologies to build solutions that demonstrate value - improving business processes and operations, eliminating waste and redundancy, and discovering new opportunities for growth.

The goal of Citius is to deliver services at the right cost, quality, and time that exceed our clients expectations. It is our steadfast commitment to this goal that has earned Citius its impeccable reputation as an IT outsource partner and a high customer retention rage that reflects the value we deliver to our clients.

We pride ourselves as business solutions architects. As IT consultants we deliver custom solutions that offer a positive return on investment in information technology forming mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, and understanding their unique business challenges, processes, and environments.